Cross-Dock Inventory

Use SKUSavvy to cross-dock inventory between warehouse locations or 3PL providers.

Cross-Dock Inventory

To move inventory from one warehouse to another simply create a transfer request from the originating warehouse to the receiving address. This will initiate an inbound internal order to be created and set up on the receiving end warehouse. This will also create an outbound order flow for the origin inventory to be picked and shipped.

  • 1) Select the originating warehouse, your current receiving warehouse will already be shown since you must be within a warehouse to create a cross-dock request

  • 2) Select the receiving warehouse for your items

  • 3) Select or scan the items to be transferred

  • 4) Enter the quantity to transfer

  • 5) Add the items to the transfer (which will enable you to then add different items if you wish)

  • 6) View items being transferred, adjust the quantity or delete the item from the transfer

  • 7) Create the transfer

cross-dock inventory skusavvy

Video Overview

Outbound Transfer Workflow

Each cross-dock request creates one outbound transfer for the originating warehouse and one inbound transfer for the receiving warehouse. The process starts on the outbound side where you can pick the items and get them ready for transfer.

To do so, go into the originating warehouse, select transfers > outbound, and select the transfer you want to pick the product for.

outbound cross-dock request skusavvy

When you click on an outbound transfer you will see the details of the transfer, as well as a button to 'Fulfill' which will take you through a pick flow. Click on this to get started.

outbound cross-dock detail

Next, you'll be brought to a pick flow similar to the order picking to get each item within the transfer, optionally scan the item/bin, and get it ready for the transfer.

  • 1) Product and quantity to get to complete the transfer

  • 2) Visual bin location of the item within the originating warehouse

  • 3) Pick button

  • 4) Next step

Now you will go through the normal fulfillment process for cross-dock transfers.

  • 1) Information for which warehouse will be receiving the transfer

  • 2) Package size to use for the transfer and confirmation of items within the transfer (done via scan)

  • 3) Mark the item as fulfilled (without needing a shipping label) or purchase a shipping label for the transfer generated from your shipping carriers connected within your SKUSavvy account

  • 4) Finish off the transfer and make it available as an inbound transfer on the receiving side

create transfers between warehouses

Inbound Transer Workflow

When you navigate to the receiving warehouse and click on transfers > inbound you'll see the transfer and its status. When the originating warehouse has completed fulfillment of the transfer the inbound transfer to the receiving warehouse will be marked as fulfilled.

inbound transfer skusavvy

Once you click on an inbound transfer you'll see a similar workflow to the receiving of purchase orders. NOTE: when receiving perishable goods, you'll be required to enter a lot number and expiration date on the goods when they are received.

check-in cross-dock transfer skusavvy
  • 1) Transfer check-in settings: one scan = one unit, allocate an item directly to the bin after scanning it in

  • 2) Assign the transfer to an area within the warehouse before allocating it to the bin directly (shows the order within the area on the layout view)

  • 3) Scan the items into the warehouse to receive the item before scanning it to the bin location

  • 4) Counted vs. received items within the order where counted have been scanned but not allocated to a bin location and received have been allocated to a bin location

check-in product from a cross-dock transfer

When you scroll down to the transfer contents you can see exactly where that item is already held within the warehouse by clicking on any of the items within the shipment contents table

  • 1) Items within the cross-dock shipment to receive (click to show the locations within the warehouse that item is currently held)

  • 2) Locations of that item already within the warehouse

receive a cross-dock transfer

Once you have scanned items and it is 'Counted' click on 'Allocate' which will enable you to scan a bin and store that item to the bin within the warehouse.

  • 1) Click on allocate which will bring up the scanner so you can scan the product into a bin location within the warehouse

  • 2) Click on 'Complete' once all items have been brought into the warehouse which will close out the cross-dock transfer process

allocate cross-dock inventory to bin locations