Shipping and Fulfillment Software Built for Shopify

Ship and fulfill thousands of orders daily with mobile shipping and fulfillment software

shipping and fulfillment shopify app

Shipping and Fulfillment Software Done Right

Live Shipping Rates

Pull in rates from hundreds of carriers and automatically select the best rate based on shipping time and price

Address Validation

Automatically validate all addresses to send without error to any address including PO, APO, or international

Tracking Portal

Let customers track their packages with a modern tracking portal which can be embedded directly

International Shipping

Validate, choose carriers, and ship internationally easier than ever with full automation and printing

Box Sizing

Using system information for products, we will make a suggestion for the correct box size every time

Automated Labels

Print labels on the fly with Android or iOS without having to enter weight or dimensional information

100+ Shipping Carriers Supported
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shopify shipping fulfillment app fedex
shopify shipping fulfillment app ups
shopify shipping fulfillment app dhl
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shopify shipping fulfillment app Australia post
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Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Shipping In a Single Platform

Easier fulfillment starts with a better system.
Delight customers and control the whole in-house
fulfillment process from one single platform

What are the Benefits for You?

Take charge of your business with these benefits
Cut Manual Data Entry

Reduce the need for entering data multiple times to get accurate box-sizing, shipping rates, and return information

26% Increase in Order Fulfillment

With batching and order management automation you'll be able to pick, pack, and ship 26% more product

Data at your Fingertips

Have all the most relevant pieces of data available instantly to make big decisions faster with more accuracy

Shipping and Fulfillment Software Built for Shopify

fulfillment app for shopify
Effortless order management with dual sync between Shopify for order fulfillment updates
  • Create and update customers, shipping addresses, orders, shipping information and tracking details

  • Manage transfers, POs, wholesale and retail orders all in one place.

  • Automatically issue tracking updates via email and SMS via our tracking portal

  • Handle address validation issues automatically

  • Get packaging information and box-sizing suggestions

  • Scan barcodes using the phone's camera or your own hardware scanner

  • Accept and restock return items

  • Generate shipping labels and print them from your phone without having to enter dimensions or weight information

  • Deal with stock-outs and place purchase orders

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Shipping and fulfillment features to help you get more orders out
  • Single order picking, batch order picking, and pick-to-tote methods of picking

  • Pick route planning and 3D route navigation

  • Built-in multi-carrier rate shopping, label purchase, and shipping labels

  • Create orders directly within SKUSavvy then send to Shopify to complete payment

  • Automated order status updates with customer communication options

  • Multi-box fulfillment for larger orders

  • 3D visual palletization during order fulfillment

  • Split order fulfillment for backorders or multi-location orders

  • Order routing rules adopted from Shopify

  • Customizable packing slips

  • Generated batch barcode for organization

  • Custom shipping labels for local pickup and delivery

  • Delivery zone batch picking for local delivery

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Optimized pick and fulfillment batching for Shopify stores
  • Automated order batching puts similar orders together to travel less while picking more

  • All-in-one picking, packaging, and shipping, no need for any additional apps

  • Batch orders with your own criteria such as tags, number of shipments, creation date, and priority

  • Automated priority batching for VIP orders

  • Progress indicators for picking and fulfillment

  • Automated customer alerts

  • Built-in customer tracking portal for customer shipments

  • Enhanced employee analytics for number of picks, packs, and put-aways

  • Clear and concise logs of every inventory and order action


Connect your Shopify or Shopify plus store to sync up customers, orders, inventory, shipping, and tracking


Connect your Etsy store and bring over products, customers, orders, and inventory to be fulfilled all in one location


Bring over your eBay orders, customer, inventory and sync in both directions for seamless eBay listing management


Fulfilling your Amazon orders yourself or through FBA? Connect and simplify your order management process

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mobile warehouse management system

Run Your Warehouse

Everything you need to purchase inventory, move items around, track items and organize your warehouse

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All Your Order Channels

Bring all your orders together in one place to easily make changes then pick, pack, and ship on time

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Pick-Pack-Ship Faster

Fulfilling orders is made easier with automated batching and mobile shipping label printing from iOS or Android

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