Simplified Purchase Order Management for Shopify

A streamlined way to create, approve, distribute, and receive inventory

the best purchase order software for shopify
Automated POs

Simplify your purchase order process with automated purchases based on lead time and order volume

Lead Timing

Get the products you need when you need them with PO lead timing and vendor confirmation

PO Approval

Automatically confirm prices and quantities coming from your vendors through a simple to use portal


Add multiple vendors to a single product and place the order with the best price available

Benefits of SKUSavvy Purchase Order Management Software

15 Hours a Week Saved

Get automatic replenishment suggestions based on system data including vendor lead time, sales projections, and committed/expected inventory.

68% Fewer Errors

Bidirectional live communication for rapid resolution of vendor unit costs, available quantities, and robust audit logs to ensure all changes are accounted for.

32% Faster Orders

Real-time & accurate business insights at your fingertips allow for swift and precise purchasing decisions. With all parties kept in sync through one unified platform.

What Does Purchase Order Management Software Do for Shopify Stores?

SKUSavvy replaces the native Shopify purchase order workflows. Purchase order management is the process of reordering supplies from vendors to ensure steady supply chains for raw materials or finished goods inventory. Organizing the selection of vendors when there are multiple suppliers for one product, as well as determining the cost is also part of the entire purchase order management process. After we have to action on the specific tasks involved to get purchase orders approved from both parties. The final challenge of purchase order management software is to coordinate the lead-times required to be sure inventory is just-in-time. We have packaged all these goodies up into one system to ensure the whole process from inbound to outbound is as streamlined as possible.

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Organize Vendors

A good purchase order management system holds all your vendor's information. It should be easy to track your vendor's accounts payable and also see what products they have supplied over any given period of time. A good order management system will make it easy to quickly find and repurchase from any vendor while generating the purchase order documents to send over.

Smarter Lead Time Prediction

Ensure you never run out of items with smarter lead timing prediction. This helps determine how long from the time the purchase order is approved and accepted by the vendor, to the time it actually arrives at the warehouse. To more accurately predict this, we take a weekly, monthly, and yearly rolling average then present the PO at the time it will need to be purchased to stay in line with this estimate.

Price and Availability Based Purchases

When an item has multiple vendors the order management system factors in the current cost and availability of the item with suppliers. This way, you keep the most accurate rates while maintaining the most profitable purchase. Purchase orders generated using this method take these calculations into effect upon making the order, then we confirm availability and pricing via direct email and portal access. Purchasing made easier!

Track All the PO Information on Check In

The job of a purchase order management system is not just to make sure the goods are ordered, but to make sure they come in as they should. Keeping track of the inbound quantity, broken or damaged items, and the replacement of these items also falls within the purchase management system. With SKUSavvy you'll have instant access on arrival to scan in the purchase order number, bill of lading or manifest number, lots, and expirations all upon arrival.

Automated Vendor Confirmation

Organizing the communication with your vendors can be tricky. SKUSavvy purchase order management automatically assembles the purchase order, gets approval, and sends out the PO to your chosen vendor. From here, SKUSavvy will automatically alert the vendor as to where they can confirm or edit the PO to send back. This process follows an automated procedure with a simple portal for your vendors to access and approve. The whole process is simple and convenient to make and manage all your POs.

Deal with Missing Product Quickly

When purchase orders arrive at your facility it is important to make sure each item is accounted for. To do this, a purchase order management system is used to check the incoming quantity with the received quantity. When differences arise the employee can alert administrators on the difference. Administrators can deal with the difference in quantity by re-ordering from a new PO, edit the existing PO, or receiving the quantity in a direct shipment from the vendor.

Approval Process

With SKUSavvy purchase order management software, you will enable the workforce to assemble new purchase orders on the fly then. Once a PO has been created, it will be sent in automatically to be confirmed by an administrator. This approval process is automated with notifications so the relevant administrator can quickly see the purchase order, make relevant changes, and send it out to the vendor. Cutting down on back and forth is one of the main advantages about having a purchase order management system, approvals being one step.

Automated Purchase Order Creation

Putting everything together the purchase order management system takes all incoming information and creates the documents for each vendor. Purchase order templates are available and printed on the fly or emailed automatically upon approval. Each open PO is held in an open status, then tracked through the approval process, confirmation of receipt, and delivery to your location. Enable employees to track all incoming PO's directly via barcode scan and track individual items as they are put-away.

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Track every product from check-in to shipping

purchase order management software for shopify

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Solve These Problems with PO Management Software

Long PO Creation

Use generated POs to streamline the order process and confirm with vendors

Stock Outs

Using simple automation we will help make sure your products are always-in-stock

Lead-Time Estimate

Run your warehouse as close to just-in-time as possible with seasonal lead-timing

PO Discrepancies

Quickly handle differences in ordered vs. received quantity then re-order automatically

Central Ordering

Order for multiple warehouses at once and receive to each one separately

Multi-Vendor Ordering

Create purchase orders across multiple vendors for a single product

Faster Purchasing With the Vendor Portal

Included with your account, the vendor portal is a dynamic platform designed to streamline and enhance the communication and transaction processes between merchants and their vendors. With this intuitive portal, merchants can effortlessly send purchase orders (POs) directly to their vendors, who in turn have the ability to download the POs for review. Vendors are empowered with notes, logs and options to approve, deny, or suggest modifications to the orders, which they can then send back to the merchants for finalization. 

The vendor portal stands as an invaluable tool for merchants looking to optimize their supply chain management, reduce turnaround times, and maintain strong vendor relationships.
Email Contact
SKUSavvy can instantly send any vendor an email with the desired PO items and portal access
Transaction Logs
Both sides of the PO can easily see all logs involved with the order
PO Download
Enable vendors to easily grab the documents they need to facilitate the PO delivery
Multi-Sided Approval
Enable vendors to confirm or make edits then view and accept the changes
PO Adjustments
Allow vendors to easily make adjustments to cost and quantity ordered on the PO
purchase order management software vendor portal

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