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What Is Order Fulfillment Software?

Order fulfillment software makes it easy to bring orders in from different channels then pick-pack-ship those orders to customers. Order fulfillment software uses incoming knowledge to gather all products needed in order to fulfill the highest number of orders. It then provides instructions to gather these products from around your warehouse and package these up with minimal shipping costs.

From here each package is provided immediate shipping labels to get that order out with correct quantities, addresses, and shipping costs. When you combine this process with batching and optimized workflows your customers get their packages faster, and you remain more profitable along the way.

Requirements of order fulfillment software:
  • Integrate with eCommerce systems and other channels

  • Import new orders in real-time

  • Track inventory levels and fulfillment station materials

  • Provide an update on the status of each order for admin to quickly view and make changes

  • Search for invoices, tracking, and delivery

  • Create invoices and purchase orders

Order fulfillment software performs these tasks:
  • Inventory management and replenishment

  • Order channel sync and automation of batching

  • Batching orders for picking and packing

  • Ties in with broader WMS for purchasing, allocation and outbound

  • Provides the connection to multiple shipping carriers for label creation

How Will you Benefit with SKUSavvy Order Fulfillment?

26% Increase In Orders Fulfilled

With batching and pick automation

ROI In Less Than 2 Months

Increase profits with efficiency

42% Lower Cost of Ownership

Over tier-one order fulfillment systems

Batch Orders

Pool up orders with the same product and quantity to fulfill faster

Pick Batches

Pick batched orders faster with visual pick navigation

Pack Product

Get the right box size every time with automated packing

Address Validation

Ship to APO, PO, and international addresses without mistakes

Ship Orders

Use system dimensions to get a shipping label and print with one click

Returns Processing

Offer customers an easy portal to print and return

Improve Order Fulfillment Accuracy and Speed

We work within your existing environment to help you fulfill orders at 2-3X your current rate
Combine Multiple Steps into One
Pick, pack, and ship within one mobile app
Use Your Existing Layout
Leverage a visual warehouse builder with your own layout
Cut Wasted Time and Paper
Automated mobile pick planning and full mobile printing
mobile order fulfillment software built for Shopify

How Does SKUSavvy Help with Order Fulfillment?

Using Distribution Hub is the simplest way to connect your existing channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and others with your inventory and warehouse operations. This facilitates faster picking, batched picking, and packaging as well as real-time shipping rates to confirm the cheapest shipping option automatically.

Track and Place Product Within Your Warehouse

Allocate every product. Use an auto-assigned inventory method with FIFO or FEFO storage to know where each incoming product should go. As orders come in, your warehouse will reassign where each product should be moved to consistently fulfill orders. Scan a bin to know exactly how many products are there, and where those products are going.

Automatically Replenish Fulfillment Bins

Easily move items to where they need to be. Using a FIFO (first in first out) or FEFO (first expiring first out) method for inventory control enables you to quickly move and track products throughout your warehouse. SKUSavvy automatically issues move requests to replenish picking or fulfillment bins with the fresh products so you never run out.

Scan Any Barcode

Grab information from all sources including incoming purchase orders, product barcodes, kits and relationships, orders, packages, outgoing shipments, zones, bins, and packing areas. Scan multiple barcode types including EAN-13, EAN-18, UPC-A, UPC-E, CODE128, ITF-14, CODE39. Use any mobile device's camera to scan barcodes faster than with a regular scanning gun.

Batch Fulfill Orders

Make it easy to batch up similar orders. This makes it super simple to fulfill lots of orders quickly. Batch orders by their likeness and or quantities to get box-sizing suggestions and print all shipping labels at once. Make your fulfillment up to 20% more efficient with this simple but powerful batching mechanism.

Aggregate Orders Across Channels

Pull orders in from all your channels like Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, or others. We'll automatically batch them up and issue the shipping labels no matter where the order comes from. More importantly, if you operate multiple warehouses, this will automatically distribute those orders based on availability and distance.

Automated Purchase Order Generation

As product depletes from your warehouse during the order fulfillment process, new orders for products are created to bring levels back up. Included here is an intelligent lead timing system to make sure your product arrives just as the total inventory get's down to your minimum required inventory on hand. Initiate cross-dock requests directly from one warehouse to another.

Box Sizing Suggestion

For each product being packaged, it's important to keep box sizes accurate to avoid carrier overages and excess materials usage. Using box sizes and cube dimensional information we calculate the best box size to utilize to pack efficiently. Add in variance for packing materials then we submit this information for shipping calculation to get the most accurate rates.

Advanced Reporting and Filters

Stay up to date on all the top-level metrics, then drill down to see performance metrics within the order fulfillment system. Understand at a glance how efficient your warehouse workers are and how quickly you process orders. Need to filter inventory, people, or warehouses? Use the advanced search and filter option to quickly find information or make mass edits.

Solve These Problems with Order Fulfillment Software

Wrong Product

Use barcode scanning and check-weighing systems to ensure accurate orders

Long Pick-Pack-Ship Process

Make it easy to pack orders and ship labels with no manual actions necessary

Unknown Item Locations

Constantly searching for product around the warehouse? Solve it easily

Too Many Integrations

Running too many pieces of software hurts bottom line profits

Out of Stock

Automatically replenish items from other warehouses to avoid running out of stock

Manual Updates

If you rely on pick sheets and manual inventory updates, then it's time to switch

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