What is Order Management Software?

It is a simple way to combine all your order channels to pick, pack, and ship faster

order management software
Combine Order Channels

Bring orders together either from the field or from your website into one streamlined management console

Modify Orders

Make order adjustments, issue notifications, shipment changes, or update tracking via any mobile device

Automated Actions

Use the order management software to automatically distribute tasks among your employees

Stay Organized

Keep all the most relevant information at your fingertips when dealing with stock-outs, order changes, returns, and more

View Order Status

Track and trace each order as it comes in, while it gets picked, and when it goes out the door from any device anytime

Notify Customers

Stay on top of customers with order updates and provide an easy to use tracking portal for every customer


To Optimize Inventory Management

3D Palletization Software
Box size suggestion and 3D box packing during fulfillment to provide the best way to place any assortment of items
Global Inventory
Manage inventory across multiple Shopify locations and storefronts. Simple actions move inventory between locations and storefronts easily
Vendor Portal
Streamline purchasing with an automated vendor approval process which allows quick changes to cost and quantities to cut down errors

Order Management Built for Shopify

Real-Time Data
Your order data syncs in both directions seamlessly from Shopify in real-time so you're never left guessing
Order Edits
Make order edits in Shopify or SKUSavvy to have them sync up across both systems reducing your burden
Split Shipments
Easily manage orders across all your locations with split shipments and location priority routing
Priority Shipping
Let SKUSavvy automatically determine order fulfillment priority with built in workflows across shipping speeds
Order Batching
Order management that works in bulk to help you make fulfillments faster with less effort across the board
Order Validation
Automatically validate shipping address and deal with errors direcctly within SKUSavvy for simplicity
pick routing for shopify order management

The Best Shopify Inventory Management App

Manage inventory and fulfillment with the best Shopify inventory management app for modern brands. Get your first account free for <50 orders per month then just $0.25-$0.06/order

Simplify the Order Management Process

Make your life easier with the right tools to ensure each and every customer order goes out on time and accurately. When you combine the order management process with inventory, customer information, picking, and fulfillment you have a truly amazing platform to grow from. Utilize automation and on-screen information to quickly get orders out faster right from the palm of your hand.

Every Order Tracked

From the moment any order comes through it is tracked and updated in real-time to ensure you know the exact status of all orders across your locations. You will get information to determine if the order is picked, packed, shipped, or out for delivery quickly and easily. Empower your employees with simplicity to know every order, every time.

Data on Any Device

Wherever you are, whenever you need, you can count on getting data across any device. Need to check the order status? Two taps away. Need to get a tracking number, quick search it. This ends up saving you countless hours of going back and forth between desktops in the office and the information in the warehouse.


Pull information from all your storefronts. Whether you are running a Shopify eCommerce site or selling from mobile warehouses, you will have all the information to pick, pack, and ship. Each order channel is marked and then batched to get more packages out faster. Shipping costs are automatically calculated on each order regardless of the channel.

Routing Rules

Order management across many channels and warehouses can be simplified. Using simplified routing rules to deal with different orders and inventories saves you hundreds of hours over the course of a year. All orders are routed according to their availability and time to destination at the time of the order placement and seamlessly delivered to the relevant warehouses for fulfillment.

Pick-Pack-Ship Every Order

To get the most out of your order management software it helps to have the inventory locations, packaging information, and shipping labels all interconnected. With SKUSavvy, you connect all of these activities together to maximize the efficiency of the system as a whole. Orders can be updated and re-routed in real-time based on all current inventory information.

Order Updates and Notifications

Provide customers order notifications based on actions across the entire order management process. Send email and SMS notifications on each order update and tracking information accessible anywhere. Issue new updates manually or formulate an automated sequence to update customers in real-time.

Order Barcode Scanning

Scan an order invoice, or scan an item to see if a product is contained within the order. Use any phone's camera to identify multiple barcodes which helps with order management accuracy. Quickly understand which item is contained in each new order, as well as scanning any package barcode for box-sizing information.

Error Prevention

Detect potential order errors to prevent issues. Ensure accuracy of orders quickly within the app using automated error issuance. Solve order management challenges like bad addresses, order changes, and out-of-stock items quickly with automated actions and manual overrides.


Connect your Shopify store to sync up customers, orders, inventory, shipping, and tracking with the strongest integration


Seamless pick pack and ship domestically and internationally from over 100 carrier integrations


Connect SKUSavvy with eBay, Etsy, and Walmart to sync products, orders, inventory directly to your account


Fulfilling your Amazon orders yourself or through FBA? Connect and simplify your order management process

One System for All Order Management

Get more done faster when you combine WMS, order management, fulfillment, and shipping
Sync and Batch Orders

Get your orders from any channel then sync up with inventory quantities and locations throughout the warehouse to pick all orders in a batched, then wave picked method for the fastest order picking available

Streamlined Order Updating

Correct address and order inaccuracies on the fly. Provide relevant order information at the time of fulfillment, and simplify order changes from any mobile device. Update and edit orders from all your channels.

Real-Time Reporting

Get all relevant picking, packing, and order processing data accessible through the main dashboard. Identify problem orders, inventory replenishment needs, and outbound shipments quickly.

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