Shopify Global Inventory

Keep your inventory accurate across multiple locations and storefronts with global inventory visibility directly within your SKUSavvy account. Add, adjust, transfer, and ship across your locations.
shopify global inventory

Inventory Visibility

Use global inventory across multiple Shopify storefronts and across different warehouse locations with clear visibility into what you've got where

Central Inventory

Use global inventory values across different locations so you can maintain one central inventory repository across locations or storefronts and reduce management time

Streamlined Transfers

Quickly move inventory from one warehouse to another and automatically update Shopify inventory values within your various storefront and locations

Inventory Management for Global Brands

Run your business with ease across multiple storefronts, locations, and inventories
Inventory Management for Global Brands
Multi-Store Inventory

Whether you run one Shopify store or 10, you can utilize SKUSavvy to sync all relevant locations, inventory, and order information then choose which locations hold global stock

Real-Time Data Sync

Send and receive updates from Shopify in real-time about your inventory and orders across all your locations and storefronts to become an inventory superhero

Unit of Measure & Kitting

Store goods in one UOM then sell them and replenish inventory in another. SKUSavvy makes these complicated tasks easy with streamlined conversions built-in

Global Inventory Starts Here

Manage inventory across all your locations and storefronts with SKUSavvy. Start today and get 50 orders free per month