Here we'll show you how to connect your carrier accounts to SKUSavvy and where the shipping labels are produced.

Connect Carriers

SKUSavvvy uses ShipEngine for connecting carrier accounts, rate shopping, label purchase, validating addresses, and receiving tracking info. This is set up for you when you create a SKUSavvy account.

To connect your various carrier accounts, go to the carriers section In your admin company page. When you click 'Link Carrier' you'll be brought to ShipEngine which is automatically created for you when you sign up. From here you can connect any of the carriers below.

connect shipping carrier accounts SKUSavvy
Current Carriers Available on SKUSavvy
  • UPS

  • UPS Australia

  • UPS Canada

  • UPS UK

  • UPS Freight

  • USPS

  • FedEx

  • FedEx Canada

  • FedEx LTL

  • FedEx UK

  • First Mile

  • DHL Express

  • DHL eCommerce

  • DHL Australia

  • DHL Express Canada

  • DHL Express UK


  • A. Duie Pyle

  • ABF Freight

  • Access Worldwide

  • APC

  • Aramex

  • Asendia

  • Australia Post

  • Averitt

  • Better Trucks

  • Canada Post

  • Canpar Express

  • Cnetral Transport

  • CouriersPlease

  • Dayton Freight


  • DPD Local GB

  • DPD

  • Estes Express Lines

  • Forward Air

  • Global Post

  • Globelogistics

  • Grupo AMPM

  • Hermes

  • IntelliQuick

  • Landmark Global

  • LaserShip

  • LSO

  • Midwest Motor Express

  • Newgistics

  • Oak Harbor

  • Old Dominion Feight Lines

  • OnTrac

  • Parceforce

  • Pitt Ohio

  • Purolator

  • RL Carriers

  • Royal Mail

  • Roadrunner Freights

  • RR Donnelley


  • SEKO


  • Sendle

  • Southeast Freight Lines


  • Standard Formatting

  • StarTrack

  • XPO Logistics

  • YRC Freight

LTL Freight Carriers
  • A. Duie Pyle

  • AAA Cooper Transportation

  • ABF Freight Systems

  • Averitt Express

  • Central Freight Lines

  • Central Transport

  • Day & Ross

  • Daylight Transport

  • Dayton Freight Lines

  • Dependable Highway Express

  • Estes Express Lines

  • FedEx Freight

  • Forward Air

  • Midwest Motor Express

  • Oak Harbor Freight Lines

  • Old Dominion Freight Lines

  • Pitt-Ohio Freight

  • R+L Carriers

  • Roadrunner Transportation Services

  • SAIA Motor Freight Lines

  • SEKO Logistics*

  • Southeastern Freight Lines

  • Standard Forwarding

  • UPS Freight

  • Ward Trucking

  • XPO Logistics

  • YRC Freight

Carrier Accounts

Each carrier added to your SKUSavvy account has required pieces of information depending on the carrier. You'll need to grab these from the carrier account first. NOTE: the information on your carrier account must match the information you enter within SKUSavvy exactly.

link carrier accounts in SKUSavvy

3rd Party Shipping Account

You can utilize a partners 3rd party shipping account to ship on behalf of another company and have shipping costs paid under the 3rd party account. Enable this by first adding the carrier you want to have a 3rd party account on, then click into the carrier and add the 3rd party account details. 
First add carriers you want to support 3rd party shipping from
add 3rd party billing account
Click into the carrier and add 3rd party account details
add 3rd party shipping account skusavvy
Select the 3rd party account to use during fulfillment & shipping
  • 1) Open the advanced shipping options by clicking on it

  • 2) Select the 3rd party billing account previously added (must have that carrier enabled for the batch)

  • 3) Save the shipping options to generate rates

ship with a 3rd party account on skusavvy

Using Carriers for Shipping

When you fulfill order batches you can select which connected carriers you want to use to complete the batch with.

Select the 3-Dot Menu to Turn On/Off Carriers

turn on/off carriers to use during fulfillment

Choose Which Carriers to Use

  • 1) Turn on custom labels

  • 2) Turn on/off a carrier by clicking on it

  • 3) Pull down carrier specific shipping options

  • 4) Turn on/off carrier specific shipping services by clicking on the checkmark

  • 5) View other carriers connected

select which shipping carriers to use during fulfillment

View and Purchase Shipping

Once you've added carriers to your SKUSavvy account, the option to ship via that carrier will automatically appear when an employee is going through the fulfillment process. The carriers with the best rate and shipping time will show up at the top of the list during fulfillment, and the rest will show accordingly at the bottom.

  • 1) Manually mark the item as fulfilled and avoid carrier shipping labels

  • 2) Sort the carrier services table by clicking on a column header

  • 3) View the shipping rates by cost, service type, carrier, tacking availability, and shipment time. Tap the carrot icon to show specific carrier service options

  • 4) View the individual carrier service options like insurance, cost to confirm delivery, fees and surcharges from the carrier

  • 5) View all shipping rates across carriers by scrolling down the menu

mobile fulfillment shipping rate shopping

Address Validation

Each address attached to an order is validated and confirmed before a shipment is made. If the order cannot be validated the system will generate an alert that the order needs to be checked. Order validation checks that the address is something the carrier can deliver to, and that the country, city, state, and street address is reachable.

Shipping an Order

Please go to the 'Order Fulfillment' guide for more information about packaging and shipping rate selection on order fulfillment.

Customs Documents & Tax

Within SKUSavvy there are a several customs and tax considerations that need to be made when shipping internationally. First you should enter the shipper entity number for either EIN, VAT, SSN, EORI, IOSS, PAN, TIN, VOEC. 
customs documents for shipping internationally skusavvy

Choose Customs Declared Value

When a shipment is made, the value of those items in the shipment are sent to the carrier. As a result if you have items on an order with a discount the value of the items that should be declared can vary. SKUSavvy enables either the discounted value or the full value of the product to be sent to carriers for reporting and taxes.