What is the best Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko Alternative?



What is the best Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko Alternative?

The sunsetting of Quickbooks Commerce formerly Tradegecko on July 10, 2022, may be a tough pill to swallow for some merchants so here we explore the best Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko alternative for your business and a few pointers on managing the migration off the platform. The only insight we have as to why Quickbooks Commerce would retire the product is simply that Intuit, the parent company of Quickbooks Commerce is focusing on its core product Quickbooks online. That said, there are some amazing alternatives to Quickbooks Commerce and one of those is our very own SKUSavvy.

What makes the best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko may well be in the eyes of the beholder and some platforms will work better than others given a list of requirements. That said, it is within the best interest to become educated on the alternatives. Here we'll take a look at what features need to be replaced, what features you might look forward to expand into, and what the process is like to switch from one platform to another.

Quickbooks Commerce Feature Replacement

When considering your alternative to Quickbooks Commerce one of the first places to start is by looking at what you already utilize within the platform. This will give you a baseline expectation from your replacement. Here are the features Quickbooks Commerce boasts on its website.

I. Inventory Management

Perhaps the most prominent feature of Quickbooks Commerce is the inventory management capability. This is core to the product as it helps organize inventory, track quantities, and manage the inbound stock as well as purchases when combined with Quickbooks Online. Here's the features listed on Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko website:

  • Inventory Control - automatically update stock when new orders are placed or new inventory arrives. Manage stock across different locations and currencies

  • Inventory Optimization - manage the flow of inventory with automated demand forecasting and internal operations tools to understand the full lifecycle of inventory

  • Product Variants - hold product variant information and different UOM within the Quickbooks Commerce platform

  • Stock Adjustment - track each change in item quantity and provide a relevant movement example

  • Barcode Scanning - use physical scanners to read barcodes on product and perform actions

  • Bundles and Kitting - handle different bundling options and create kits for items then track the kits or create new ones

  • Inventory Report - get up to date report on stock movements, carrying costs, and inventory value reports

  • Backordered Product - handle backorders effectively by automatically marking products as out of stock and splitting orders that include the back-ordered item

  • Lot Tracking and Expiration Dates - deal with lot numbers as the product arrives, store product according to expiration date and pick items based on the expiry date

II. Warehouse Management

Keep stock across different warehouse locations within Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko and make adjustments to this stock on the fly. From what we've seen this functionality is limited compared with what a true warehouse management system will offer.

  • Order Routing - pick orders from a specific warehouse and adjust where orders should be picked from

  • Stock Transfer (cross-docking) - make transfers between different locations to rebalance and maintain inventory accurately between locations

  • Bin Locations - only available on higher tier plans. Enables you to track inventory to a specific bin, standard on all SKUSavvy accounts

  • Restricted Access - assign employees by function or warehouse location to receive only relevant data

III. Purchase Order Management

New purchases are critical to bringing inventory to a warehouse. Quickbooks Commerce is strong in this area since it is tied in well with Quickbooks online. Luckily, SKUSavvy has you covered for all these features.

  • Create and Edit Purchase Orders - make purchases based on forecasted demand

  • Email POs - send an email to vendors with new POs

  • Add Products Via Barcode Scanner - scan items to have them show up on the purchase order

  • Partially Receive POs - mark a PO as partially received and deal with discrepancies

IV. Order Management

The best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce needs to contain a strong order management system to ensure order information can quickly be updated and synced back up to the respective order channel. Within SKUSavvy you'll find an effective order management system with real-time order information sent back to the channel it comes from.

  • Sales Order Workflow - draft, active, finalized and fulfilled order status

  • Multiple Sales Channels - pull all your orders into one place

  • Synchronize Orders and Inventory - real-time inventory updates according to orders flowing

V. Order Fulfillment

Effective order fulfillment is after all one of the primary components of a good inventory system. Your best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce Tradegecko will have streamlined order fulfillment flows with the ability to deal with inventory challenges that might come up, different picking flows, and multiple ways to fulfill orders.

  • Order Automation - add tags, notes, line items, and discounts to orders based on fulfillment

  • Order Booking, Allocation, and Processing - place all order channels into one place for the fulfillment, find the right warehouse to allocate and order fulfillment to, and use packing slips and labels to fulfill orders correctly

  • Packing Slips and Shipping Labels - create customized packing slips for printing and get the correct shipping labels depending on the order type

  • Batch Print Orders - put many orders together for printing multiple shipping labels at once

  • Partial Fulfillment - create partial fulfillment of orders

VI. Shipping

Handling shipping within the best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce and pull live rates, create shipping zones, make weight-based shipments and organize shipping for batches of orders.

  • Weight-Based Shipments - segment orders based on weight and create rules for different weight shipments

  • Price-Based Shipments - set shipping rules based on the cost of an order

  • Live Carrier Rates - not listed on the Tradegecko site, but it's something you can come to expect with the best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce with over 50 different carriers available to connect in SKUSavvy

Switch to SKUSavvy All-In-One WMS

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What Switches Do you Need to Make?

You should aim to be switched over within one month from the time you decide on a system and organize the deal with the new company to the time you are up and running. If this time period takes longer, you might be looking at a system that is quite a bit more complex than what you need. There is a possibility you've outgrown the platform and need something more substantial, and that's ok too. At the time of this writing, there are only a few days left in the deadline, and it's now or never for you to make sure you get into a good system. That said, let's dive into a few things to make sure of when finding the best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce.

Data Transfer

First and foremost the transfer of your data from one platform to the other is your biggest hurdle. We've written quite a bit on the subject and you can find more resources below.

Read the SKUSavvy Onboarding Guide
Hardware Setup

The next step is to make sure your existing hardware will work with the new platform you will migrate to. SKUSavvy for instance enables camera-based barcode scanning that any mobile device can run, as well as Bluetooth-based scanning on any Bluetooth barcode scanner. Finally, the scales and printers need to work correctly with the new platform. Most modern platforms offer a connection to almost any Bluetooth-based or USB-attached printer or scale. SKUSavvy enables connection with USB scales and Bluetooth scales. Printers most often will work with any platform via Bluetooth or USB. SKUSavvy enables printing on any Apple device so long as the printer can leverage AirPrint (or you utilize a proxy via any laptop to print via AirPrint).

Employee Training

The final step is to make sure your employees are familiar with the system and can perform their normal everyday functions with the best alternative to Quickbooks Commerce. This training can be supported with docs, guides, videos, on-site training, or video conference calls.