SKUSavvy Simple WMS



SKUSavvy Simple WMS

The Essence of a Simple WMS

Warehouse management involves a relatively complex process where a set of moving parts has to be clearly understood and properly defined. How can you keep control over the different products, wholesale distributors and shipping methods? Is it possible to have direct access to technology at the palm of your hand where you decide what structure will fit best for your inventory? The answer is yes! If you're in the position to recognize the need for a simple WMS, then you're likely in the position where you want something mobile, and powerful.

SKUSavvy offers a smart and simple WMS to help you gain control over your operations without breaking the bank. The company offers a modern mobile WMS that supports and optimizes both warehouse functionality and distribution center management. It accomplishes this by offering a large set of application features that can be modified in real-time and remotely from anywhere in the world. It helps owners maintain control of the merchandise from inbound to outbound and everything in between.

The focus of SKUSavvy is to guarantee efficient and cost-effective capabilities to move goods and materials around the inventory. In order to reach this goal, it is vital to execute the supply chain management processes in a flawless manner by having fast access to one central system with a sleek visualization interface design that can allow for direct modifications to five essential areas:

  • Warehouse Organization

  • Inventory Control

  • Order Management

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Order Shipping

Technological Capabilities of a WMS

Within SKUSavvy’s Simple WMS, there are several interconnected pieces that are seamlessly integrated and can be utilized to leverage the entire business operation workflow. In a matter of weeks, customers can increase efficiency by 30% with a system that aligns and balances different tasks such as: creating purchase orders, tracking inbound items, allocating items, and organizing all order channels. This can all be done directly through the mobile-compatible web application. From end-to-end, inbound to shipping your products move faster along the supply chain.

Modern Mobile WMS are scalable and can be adapted to different organizational sizes. Some of the most important features that the system offers are:

  • Unified Central System

  • Clean and Simple Design

  • Data Importing

  • Visual Product Allocation

  • Real-Time Order Handling

  • Purchase and Replenishment Control

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Cloud Based

  • Automatic Pick-Pack-Print

  • Task Load Tools

Some of the most remarkable advantages are the following:

  • Labor Cost Reduction

  • Accuracy Enhancement

  • Increase in Flexibility and Responsiveness

  • Reduction of Picking-Shipping errors

  • Customer Service Improvement

Overall, the modern mobile WMS simplifies the life of customers, retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. If all data is properly entered in the system, labor-management should be immediately improved as it gives owners the power to monitor worker performance using KPIs. When it comes to looking at the numbers, Mobile WMS offers exceptional reporting capabilities, therefore allowing managers to have a 360-degree view of the operation with more touchpoints tracked than traditional warehouse systems. These elements and their interaction will ultimately make the business process understandable and actionable from every angle to pave the way for the maximum growth of any warehouse operation around the globe.