What is the best Alternative to Stocky?



What is the best Alternative to Stocky?
The best alternative to Stocky is the solution you are going to use. One that will work for your needs. Those are broad statements and within this overview we're going to break it down a little bit.

If you're on the hunt for a new solution, it's worth exploring some of the platforms out there as a replacement to get a sense for what's available. However, for those looking to take their inventory management to the next level and considering a shift towards a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), allow us to introduce you to SKUSavvy.

SKUSavvy is more than just an alternative; it's a versatile, lightweight WMS designed exclusively for Shopify users. Here's why you should give it serious consideration:

What Does a Good Stocky Alternative Provide?

1. Seamless Inventory Sync
Both Stocky and SKUSavvy offer direct stock synchronization with your Shopify inventory, ensuring that your online and offline stock levels are always aligned in near real-time.
2. Robust Vendor and Supplier Management
In SKUSavvy, your product's vendor and supplier information seamlessly transfer from Shopify. This means you'll have a comprehensive record of vendors, products, and associated costs at your fingertips.
3. Purchase Orders Reinvented:
SKUSavvy simplifies your Purchase Order (PO) process. It not only lets you create and manage POs efficiently but also streamlines communication with your vendors. Workflow tools ensure a smooth journey from PO creation to marking items as delivered, counting them, and allocation.
4. Effortless Check-In:
Welcome your new inventory into the warehouse with SKUSavvy's mobile scannable check-in feature. Gain a digital view of your warehouse layout, locate inventory with ease on a warehouse map, and allocate items in bulk without hassle.
5. Intuitive Inventory Management:
SKUSavvy offers straightforward inventory management tools. Visualize your inventory's bin locations, perform bin-to-bin replenishments, and automate stock movement within your warehouse. Conduct stock takes and remove inventory with explanations similar to what you're familiar with in Stocky.
6. Streamlined Transfers:
Need to move stock between locations? SKUSavvy simplifies this process with workflows tailored for your warehouse staff. You can also create these stock movements directly within SKUSavvy.
7. Reporting:
Stocky does offer good reporting and this is less readily available within SKUSavvy through the API although any type of report can be found using the API. Reports for inventory, backorder based on tags or sales over a period of time can be pulled using the API for a customizable report for all your needs.

What Else is Included with SKUSavvy Alternative to Stocky?

While a good Stock alterative should have everything that Stocky has, sometimes you'll find the alternative has all that and more to help your business operate effectively. Below are a few features that SKUSavvy includes which are not included in the Stocky system.
Efficient Fulfillment
SKUSavvy is designed to expedite the order fulfillment process, ensuring that you can process numerous orders swiftly while keeping your entire inventory up to date throughout the pick-pack-ship journey. Use the 3D map of your warehouse to discover where all your products are on a digital pick list with pick routing, barcode scanning, batch picking, and real-time inventory updates to your team.
Shipping Simplified
SKUSavvy offers direct integration with your preferred carriers, streamlining the shipping process for your business. Pull multiple rates across different carriers, select additional carrier services like Saturday pickup or insurance, and purchase a label then print directly.
Comprehensive Order Management
Bring your orders directly into the SKUSavvy platform from Shopify and make necessary edits right within SKUSavvy including edits to products or quantities on that orders. You can also cancel shipments, make new orders, and change customer shipping address to make a single spot to handle everything related to orders.
Warehouse Management at Your Fingertips
Transform your warehouses into digital 3D models within SKUSavvy. Store inventory efficiently and let routed pick paths guide you during the fulfillment process, optimizing your warehouse operations. Run your warehouse from any device with mobile adaptability.
For many merchants, Stocky is a suitable choice. However, if you're in need of a robust Warehouse Management System that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and can serve as an excellent replacement for Stocky, SKUSavvy is definitely worth exploring. It's a solution that's designed to elevate your inventory management game and empower your e-commerce success.

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