Discover the Best Alternative to OrderHive (Cin7) with SKUSavvy



Discover the Best Alternative to OrderHive (Cin7) with SKUSavvy
With the sunsetting of Orderhive you may be looking for a suitable alternative to Orderhive. Given the plethora of options available, choosing the right software can be a challenging task. This is why we are thrilled to introduce you to SKUSavvy, the ultimate solution as a replacement to Orderhive. SKUSavvy introduces a world of visual inventory and order fulfillment so you can get all your orders out to door faster. We encourage you to get an account and connect with Shopify to give it a shot for yourself. In this overview we'll go through highlights of SKUSavvy and how it becomes a replacement for Orderhive.

Why Choose SKUSavvy over Orderhive?

Let's cut right to the chase with a few outstanding reasons SKUSavvy stands out as a superior alternative to Orderhive and why you should plan to replace Orderhive with SKUSavvy in the near future:
  • Reduce Pick Time with a Visual Warehouse Layout and Optimized Pick Routes: SKUSavvy offers a cutting-edge feature with its visual warehouse layout that includes 3D pick routes. This innovation enhances efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations, making it easier for staff to navigate through inventory and fulfill orders quickly.

  • Run your Business Anywhere with Mobile Capability, Barcode Scanning and Printing Built-In: SKUSavvy understands the importance of mobility in modern warehouse management. With its mobile capability, users can access the platform on the go, while built-in barcode scanning and printing further streamline processes, minimizing errors and saving time.

  • Simplified User Interface and Beautiful Experience Makes SKUSavvy fun to use: SKUSavvy takes user experience to the next level. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that even those new to the platform can navigate effortlessly. The visually appealing design provides a pleasant and engaging experience for users.

  • Cut the Apps with All-in-One Warehouse Management: Unlike Orderhive, which may require multiple integrations and additional platforms for various functions, SKUSavvy offers an all-in-one solution. From purchasing and inventory management to order processing, fulfillment, and shipping, everything is seamlessly integrated into a single platform, reducing complexity and boosting productivity.

  • Merchant-Friendly Pricing Based on Order Volume: SKUSavvy understands the diverse needs of merchants, and its pricing model reflects this. The platform offers merchant-friendly pricing that scales with order volume, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can access its powerful features without breaking the bank.

Similarities Between SKUSavvy and Orderhive

Orderhive and SKUSavvy are both comprehensive inventory management solutions that share common features crucial for businesses seeking efficient operations. They excel in inventory and order management, shipping, and order channel integrations. However, when delving deeper, it becomes evident that SKUSavvy offers a range of additional benefits that set it apart from Orderhive. Here, we've provided a list of similarities between the two platforms and highlighted some of the unique advantages that SKUSavvy brings to the table.
Overlap Between Orderhive and SKUSavvy
  • Inventory Management: Both Orderhive (Cin7) and SKUSavvy offer robust inventory management tools to help businesses track and manage their stock levels efficiently.

  • Order Management: These platforms provide comprehensive order management capabilities, allowing users to process, track, and fulfill customer orders seamlessly.

  • Shipping and Fulfillment: Orderhive (Cin7) and SKUSavvy support shipping and fulfillment processes, enabling users to generate shipping labels, manage shipments, and monitor order fulfillment.

  • Order Channel Connections: Both platforms offer integrations with various sales channels, allowing businesses to centralize their order processing from multiple channels, such as e-commerce websites, marketplaces, and more.

Additional Benefits using SKUSavvy as a Replacement to Orderhive
  • Mobile Capability: SKUSavvy stands out with its mobile capability, enabling users to access the platform on the go. This feature is crucial for businesses that require real-time updates and actions in their warehouse operations.

  • Additional Inventory Management Features: SKUSavvy goes beyond the basics with features like cycle counting, bin movements, audit logs, and replenishment automations. These advanced inventory management tools enhance accuracy and efficiency in managing stock.

  • Order Fulfillment: While both platforms allow users to create pick lists and produce shipping rates and labels, SKUSavvy takes order fulfillment to the next level with visual pick paths. This 3D warehouse layout enhances picking efficiency, reducing errors and speeding up the process.

  • Barcode Scan Options: SKUSavvy offers built-in barcode scanning options, making order processing more accurate and efficient. Users can quickly scan items, reducing manual data entry errors.

  • Order Edits: SKUSavvy allows users to make order edits easily, accommodating last-minute changes or customizations without disrupting the fulfillment process.

  • Custom Shipping Labels: SKUSavvy empowers businesses to create custom shipping labels, providing a branded and professional touch to their shipments.

  • Batching to Reduce Fulfillment Time: SKUSavvy's batching feature allows users to group orders for efficient processing, reducing fulfillment time and labor costs.

  • Communication with Shopify: Both platforms integrate with Shopify, but SKUSavvy offers enhanced communication capabilities, ensuring seamless synchronization of data between the platform and the e-commerce store.

How to Switch from Orderhive to SKUSavvy

Embarking on your journey with SKUSavvy for your Shopify store is a breeze. By simply signing up for a free account at, you'll gain access to 50 free orders each month, and there's no need to provide credit card information during your trial period. The process is designed to be effortless, and it all begins with connecting your Shopify store to SKUSavvy, facilitating the automatic import of crucial data such as warehouses, inventory, products, customers, orders, and order updates. With SKUSavvy's intuitive visual builder, you can easily replicate your warehouse layout and bin locations, enabling precise inventory allocation. As a next step, you can seamlessly integrate your preferred carriers into the system for efficient shipping. Ultimately, SKUSavvy offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your order fulfillment process, seamlessly integrating with your Shopify store to optimize efficiency and productivity.
Key Steps to Get Started with SKUSavvy for Shopify:
  • Create a Free Account: Sign up at to access a trial account with 50 free orders per month, no credit card required.

  • Connect Shopify: Link your Shopify store to SKUSavvy to automatically import warehouses, inventory, products, customers, orders, and order updates.

  • Visual Warehouse Builder: Utilize SKUSavvy's visual builder to replicate your warehouse layout and bin locations for precise inventory allocation.

  • Carrier Integration: Seamlessly connect your preferred carriers to streamline shipping processes.

  • Efficient Order Fulfillment: Benefit from SKUSavvy's advanced features and seamless Shopify integration to optimize your order fulfillment process.

Migrating from Orderhive to SKUSavvy
  • Data Exports from Orderhive: Export your inventory data, including product details, stock levels, and lot information. Retrieve records of past order fulfillments and kits to maintain a comprehensive order history.

  • Set Up Employee Accounts: Create employee accounts on SKUSavvy, assigning appropriate roles and permissions based on their responsibilities within the platform. Ensure your team members have access to the necessary SKUSavvy features to perform their tasks effectively.

  • Data Import to SKUSavvy: Utilize SKUSavvy's data import tools to transfer your exported data from Orderhive, including inventory and order fulfillment records. Verify that all data has been accurately imported and is reflected correctly within SKUSavvy.

  • Remove Your Account from Orderhive: Cancel or deactivate your account with Orderhive to discontinue any ongoing billing or services. Ensure that you no longer rely on Orderhive for your inventory and order management needs.

  • Update Integrations and Connections: Review and update any integrations or connections that previously linked to Orderhive, ensuring they are now synchronized with SKUSavvy. Test the integrations to guarantee they are functioning seamlessly with the new platform.

  • Employee Training and Familiarization: Conduct training sessions for your employees to familiarize them with SKUSavvy's interface, features, and tools. Address any questions or concerns to ensure a smooth transition and optimal utilization of SKUSavvy.

  • Data Validation and Testing: Thoroughly validate and test data accuracy within SKUSavvy, including inventory levels, product details, order histories, and fulfillment records. Resolve any discrepancies or errors promptly to prevent disruptions in daily operations.

  • Operational Transition: Gradually shift your day-to-day operations to SKUSavvy, ensuring that employees are comfortable and proficient with the new system. Monitor and address any operational challenges that may arise during the transition period.

  • Post-Migration Support: Provide ongoing support and assistance to your team members as they adapt to SKUSavvy. Encourage feedback and continuous improvement in the utilization of the new platform.

  • Review and Optimize: Continuously monitor and review your processes within SKUSavvy to identify areas for optimization and increased efficiency. Make necessary adjustments to ensure that SKUSavvy aligns with your evolving business needs.

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