Platform Features

Everything SKUSavvy does - more coming all the time!

Admin Features

  • Turn on/off required scans during pick/pack

  • Turn on/off the requirement for shipping labels for BOPIS/delivery orders or other scenarios

  • Turn on/off cross-docking

  • Turn on/off cycle-counting

  • Turn on/off bin to bin replenishment

  • Turn on/off expiration dates and lot tracking

  • Branding settings include logo, tagline, invoice header/footer, PO header/footer, and general business information

  • Light and dark theme

  • Directed and undirected workflows


  • Invite, revoke, and re-invite employees to your company account

  • Assign permissions based on company, warehouse, product, orders, employee, bin, vendor, replenishment, customer, transfer, carrier, inventory, and packaging

  • Disable employee accounts at any time

  • Assign employees to a specific warehouse and limit data to this warehouse

  • View employee productivity metrics across employees

  • View productivity metrics by a single employee: picks, packs, check-ins

Channel Connections

  • Dual sync Shopify products, inventory, customers, orders, order status, tracking status, POS, BOPIS, local delivery

  • Other channels sync customers, orders, order status, tracking status

Purchase Orders

  • Place purchase order by vendor or across multiple vendors

  • View current min/max inventory range

  • View lead times for any given item based on past purchase lead times

  • View forecasted purchase amount based on demand and order history

  • Automatically create new purchase orders from low inventory stock levels

  • Create POs and send directly to vendors via email

  • *Enable vendors to approve/adjust PO

  • Substitute products for out-of-stock items

  • Make adjustments to POs based on availability

Check-In & Put Away

  • View pending inbound orders by warehouse

  • Check-in orders and confirm quantities

  • Confirm check-in and automatically issue discrepancies alert

  • Scan inbound inventory one by one or many at a time based on the check-in setting

  • View check-in levels for different stages: expected, received, allocated

  • Receive inventory to an area before allocating

  • Allocate inventory to a bin by scan

  • View visual bin locations already storing the product being checked in

  • Check-in product with lot numbers and expiration dates


  • Visual warehouse layout

  • Create shelves, bins, areas, walls, doors, zones

  • Use colors and names to arrange the warehouse layout to exact dimensions

  • Manage multiple warehouses

  • Manage locations within a warehouse by supplier, customer, or other allocation

  • Enable multi-bin product allocation, or multiple products to one bin

  • Utilize random cycle counting by A/B/C grade

  • View inventory across multiple warehouses

  • Create and print bin/shelf labels automatically

  • Cross-dock inventory between warehouses


  • Name, description, image, SKU, barcode(s), length, width, height, weight, categories, price, attributes

  • Hold multiple barcodes for one item in 20+ different formats

  • Print barcodes for items

  • Hold various units of measure and variants

  • Mark items as back-ordered which will split a shipment to partially fulfill and order

  • Hold digital/physical items

  • Create kits and assemble kits for picking


  • Track multiple units of measure and variants

  • View inventory levels according to bin location within the warehouse

  • View inventory across multiple warehouses

  • Identify low stock and get alerts

  • Audit logs of every item movement

  • Move inventory between bin locations

  • View on-hand, allocated, in-transfer, and days on hand stock values

  • Scrap or damage inventory

  • Assign lot # and expiration dates to inventory

  • Traceability for expiring or recalled lots


  • Create pick batches based on similar order contents and quantities

  • Create pick batches based on zip code

  • Create single order pick batches

  • Pick based on the visual location of items

  • (optional) Scan bin and item for accuracy

  • Assign pick batches to warehouse employees

Order Management

  • Centralized view of all orders coming in across channels

  • Priority order flow based on shipment selection

  • Order and shipment details come directly from the channel the order was placed on

  • Order status imported from order channel

  • Internal order status: created, processed, shipped, delivered

  • Order shipment tracking uploaded directly to order channel


  • Scan items during fulfillment for accuracy

  • Box size suggestions based on order contents

  • Order errors and address validation

  • Split fulfillment for orders containing back-ordered items

  • Single or multi-item order fulfillment


  • Connect over 40 different carrier accounts

  • Pull rates directly within fulfillment flow

  • Purchase rates directly within fulfillment flow

  • Print (and void) shipping labels

  • Pull tracking information directly into the order information

  • Send tracking information to the customer

Order Routing

  • Route orders across retail locations, warehouses, or mobile fulfillment centers

  • Split orders to fulfill from primary locations with available inventory first then secondary locations with available inventory

  • Setup routing rules based on inventory availability and distance to destination