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Enable Custom Order Fulfillment on Shopify

Supercharge your storefront by enabling custom order fulfillment for Shopify which helps route orders to the appropriate fulfillment location and system

Setup Guide for Custom Order Fulfillment

What is Custom Order Fulfillment?

Custom order fulfillment on Shopify enables merchants to fulfill orders through third parties, apps, and internal fulfillment through the use of API, email, or XML.

Choose Your Fulfillment Methods

Choose Manual or Automatic Fulfillment

Assign Fulfillment Methods to Products

Use Custom Order Fulfillment Directly

Customized Fulfillment Locations

Fulfill With Inventory & Shipping Apps

Route Fulfillment By Product Type

Match Fulfillment Types to Orders

How Do You Benefit from Custom Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders by going into each order on Shopify can satisfy the needs of an early-stage store. Once you are doing many orders per day, fulfillment speeds get hard to keep up with order demand. This is where custom ordre fulfillment on Shopify benefits you.

Quick Start Custom Order Fulfillment

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Quick Start Custom Order Fulfillment
Step 1: Enable the Custom Fulfillment Method

Within Shopify settings go to "Shipping and Delivery" then scroll down to the bottom section "Custom Order Fulfillment" and click "Add fulfillment service"

Step 2: Select the Fulfillment Service on Products

Now you'll go to your products and click on a variant. Scroll down to 'Inventory managed by' and select the custom fulfillment option you added in step 1.

Step 3: Select Manual or Automatic Fulfillment

The final step is to go into Shopify settings > checkout. Scroll down until you see "Order Processing" > after an order has been paid, and select manual or automatic.

Take the Guesswork Out

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Custom Order Fulfillment

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Inventory & Bin Locations

Address Validation

Pick Pack Ship

Barcode Scanning

Bin Replenishment & Stocking

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